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Mori McCrae

Owner/ Operator Studio 201

St Catharines, On


Jana Jaros assumed the job of model coordinator for Studio 201 in September 2016, and since then I have observed a dramatic improvement in the whole life drawing experience at the studio. We have benefited from a steady stream of interesting and responsible models. Her input has increased the popularity and success of Studio 201. This is a direct result of her efforts.


When it comes to hiring and coordinating life models Jana Jaros knows how to get the job done.  She relies on a well thought out system of advance booking both models and back-up models in case of cancellations. This enables her to give a 100% guarantee of reliability to any studio, school or group that she works for.

Jana identified the need for a model training workshop and implemented a very well-attended and successful course (with a hand-out manual) for models.


Her sensitive tutelage geared towards all levels of experience addresses the work of Life Model from many angles: pose variations to etiquette, to expectations from both sides for both models and artists, as well as a wealth of subtle information. Her workshop has promoted confidence, respect and good will within the studio atmosphere.

Brent E.W. Smith, Exhibits Programmer

St. Catharines Museum

St Catharines, On.

Jana Jaros has been an invaluable asset in the development of an exhibit to recognize the anniversary of World War I. She has contributed in the sculpting of life-size mannequins from Polystyrene and in the production of a realistic modular designed Trench Wall and Dugout...possesses an in-depth understanding of every facet of Theatre set design, and the ability to exploit these skills within a museum environment.

Linda Babb,

Communications Professional

Niagara Falls, On.

Jana is extremely passionate about what she does, regardless of what she puts her mind to. Her work is meticulous with an end result reflecting her intense attention to detail. In the time I have known her I have been inspired by her readiness to research all she encounters in depth and accuracy then follow through according to what is called for. Any organization contemplating adding her to the team will be very well served by this woman who demonstrates talent combined with training in such valuable diversity.


Anonymous Life/Art Models

Life/ Art Model Workshop,

St Catharines, On.


This workshop was over all fantastic and very helpful.....Great job the instructor was amazing


Further testimonies

"New Models are starting blind, this workshop provides essential information they need to know"

"The practical details delievered to First timers is invaluable"