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This website has dark backgrounds with light lettering creating accessibility for dyslexia, ease eye strain and saves on power consumption for digital devices


Links: for more information, Art training and Art Supplies

Studio 201Life/ Figure drawing studio located in St Catharines, Ontario, Canada.  I sharpen, grow and practice my skills there. A truly invaluable resource for those who are artist, students, professionals in creative fields, or those beginning to  explore their drawing skills.  I  am the Art Model coordinator and run the life sessions for the studio

The Works 4 Heritage : My other hat/work. I love artifacts the preservation, conservation and restoration of them whether under commission, working on projects or in a working setting. I also am a scenic painter for sets and exhibits. I often blend the two because many of the sets I have worked on a historical themes and many of the artifacts exhibits I have done require a setting for the full story.

Interdisciplinary Art, Ontario College of Art and Design University ( OCADU) :Toronto, Ontario, Canada background training and program I graduated from.

Helpful Art Supply stores in Southern Ontario, Canada

Above Ground Art Supplies

Studio Six Framing Art Supplies and Framing

Unsplash.com : Royalty free/ public domain photos. I have have used as background settings for my Paintings section and for my title and some of my menu page.  These photographers kindly have allowed for the use of their photos and deserve to be promoted. Please check out unsplash.