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This website has dark backgrounds with light lettering creating accessibility for dyslexia, ease eye strain and saves on power consumption for digital devices

Artist Statement


For me art is not just a visual experience it is the expression of my various interests exploration, learning, memory and experience. The visual medium I use to integrate all of this together. This guides my brush and my current works in landscape painting.


The wilderness offers stories and escapes that are individual. The feeling of being centred in the natural environment away from constructed life is something one has to experience.


I strive to show this through tones, colours and focus. Some parts of the scene maybe suggested while others are brought into focus. My aim is feeling rather then an anatomical study of scenery. I prefer to draw people in and wake memories of similar experiences.


Jana F. Jaros

Edge of Night, Landscape series, Jana Jaros, trees, water, fire, camp fire, camping, landscape, night sky, stars