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In back ground Compass Point acrlic on canvas, landscape, fine art, In front profile picture Jana Jaros

Jana   Jaros

Jana Jaros works primarily in acrylic on hand built canvas. Through the use of vibrant and natural colours and the mixture of figurative and stylized subject matter she captures the feeling of the moment . Her love of camping trips within the wilderness around the Lake Superior and Northern Ontario led her to focus on the landscape and its experience.


Jana Jaros was born in Ottawa, Ontario. She trained and graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design University in Interdisciplinary Arts. She also attended Fleming College  and holds a diploma in Culture Heritage Conservation and Management. She is an active participant in the arts, culture and heritage fields.

She can be contacted at jaros013@gmail.com (zero thirteen)

Her other services for Heritage Culture, Arts & Admin can be found at TheWorks4Heritage